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Merry Christmas! We're not dead!! :D

Yes, I still intend to finish the comic out, and here's the next arc towards that goal. Sorry it took so long.. This year's been a roller coaster for me. All of the things that other people hated about 2016 happened, plus one of my best friends passed away over the summer. But, Cassidy and I also bought our first house and got married this past October. So very bad things but also very good things happened :)

Anyways, with this, we finally begin the approach to the comic's endgame, and the stuff I've been really excited about all this time! I'll try and get the next arc out quicker, but we'll see. But I still have every intention of giving the comic a proper ending (or at least as proper as the recap style comics are). For now, though, go ahead and click the storyline banner to pick up where we left off (or just click here :P)

Until next time!

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